Waste management at its best

Backsaver 300 provides waste management at its best. It’s the perfect waste removal solution for:


  • Schools, colleges and universities

  • Factories, warehouses and storage sheds

  • Stores, shopping centers and malls

  • Hospitals and health care clinics

  • Restaurants, cafeterias and food distribution centers



The Backsaver 300 cart dumper makes disposing of anything easy. Dumping everything from outdated records to biohazardous material becomes more manageable with this dumpster-friendly device. This reliable lifting unit with rigid steel frame reduces handling risks, ranging from muscle strain or back injury to toxic environmental exposure. There’s less direct contact with waste with a Backsaver 300, minimizing health risks, injury or environmental pollution.




Waste equipment sales and service


You can count on our many years of knowledge and continuous improvement in handling and troubleshooting waste equipment. We offer installation and repair on:


  • Commercial and Industrial Auger Compactors

  • Apartment Compactors

  • Horizontal Closed End Balers

  • Stockroom Balers


Don’t let your garbage become a big problem. Stop in or call us with your questions or concerns.




Avoid back injuries

One of the best features of a Backsaver 300 dumpster cart is that it helps prevent health issues caused by heavy lifting. Left up to physical force, garbage disposal can cause everything from muscle strain or sprains to back injuries. Loads of paper or other seemingly light materials add up to many pounds to lift. If your organization can prevent just one back injury with a Backsaver 300, your investment pays for itself over and over again.