The Backsaver 300

The Backsaver 300 cart tipper provides the solution to the most common material handling needs. It combines a reliable lifting unit with a rigid steel frame. The lifting unit may be fixed, or equipment mounted. Best of all it helps prevent back injuries.

Also, it is GREEN! There are no hydraulics to be concerned with!

One back injury will pay for several Backsaver 300's!




  • Works great next to a compactor or garbage dumpster!

  • Can be mounted against the wall or free standing!

Lift up to 300 Lbs!



"It used to take two of us to lift the bag, now I do it myself, with NO back pain!"

                                                                                -Sue -Allendale Public Schools

cart tipper for school

Waste handling at it's best!

Easy Cart Tipper
Easy Cart Tipper

Easy Cart Tipper

Trash Handling Solution
Trash Handling Solution

Easy To Use Trash Handling Solution

Easy Trash Solution
Easy Trash Solution

Easy Trash Solution

Easy Trash Tipping
Easy Trash Tipping
Trash Cart Tipping
Trash Cart Tipping
Trash Handling Made Easy
Trash Handling Made Easy

Backsaver 300 provides waste handling at its best. It’s the perfect waste removal solution for:


  • Schools, colleges and universities

  • Factories, warehouses and storage sheds

  • Stores, shopping centers and malls

  • Hospitals and health care clinics

  • Restaurants, cafeterias and food distribution centers



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  • Designed to prevent back injuries

  • 300 Pound lift capacity

  • 115 Volt AC powered

  • Toggle up and down with a key lock

  • Cycle time is ten seconds

  • Powder coated finish for durability

  • One year limited warranty

Trash Tipping Service

Easy, clean and safe material handling​

Whether you need to discard mounds of shredded paper, collapsed cabinets or chemical waste, the trash can dumper provides an easy, clean and safe material handling method. The Backsaver 300 eliminates dangerous lifting and spilling. It allows your garbage to be poured easily into a dumpster without stretching, straining or missing the mark completely. Various waste can sizes will work with this remarkable tool.


Materials of all kinds can be lifted gently and deposited without a downpour of waste, resulting from unsteady arms or uncertain heights. The Backsaver 300 saves the day when it’s next to a compactor or garbage dumpster. It can be mounted against the wall or free standing. The Backsaver 300 cart tipper provides the best solution to the most common material handling needs for business, industry, health care, educational institutions, restaurants and other organizations.


The Backsaver 300 is a great device for managing waste generated by any institution. It is also ideal for disposing of restaurant or cafeteria waste.



Cart Tipper in Action
Easy Trash Handling
Easy to use Cart Tipper

Minimize risks; Maximize efficiency

Minimize lifting and dumping heavy trash cans, while maximizing waste removal efficiency with the Backsaver 300 rugged, trash can dumper. There’s less direct contact with waste with a Backsaver 300, reducing health risks or injury.


One person can easily and safely empty trash cans of up to 300 pounds into the cart for pick up. It securely holds each trash can container on its way up and into a dumpster. It has heavy-duty sides to keep trash of all kinds contained until it’s safely delivered to its destiny. Features include:


  • Rugged dump cart construction

  • 300 Pound lift capacity

  • Powder coated finish for durability

  • Designed to prevent back injuries

  • Contains debris while in motion


The Backsaver 300 is easy to use with:


  • Easy raise and lower options

  • Short operation span


Why risk an accident or injury with old-fashioned, heavy lifting when a Backsaver 300 can do it for you?


Meet industry green standards



Your company, organization or institution will be more in line with green industry standards with your Backsaver 300. This dumpster cart not only allows efficient and safe waste removal, but it also helps meet GREEN standards.


According to industry green standards, the removal of any waste can emit potentially harmful atmospheric omissions if not handled properly. This dumper system runs using a screw type actuator that runs on 110 Volt and uses no hydraulics. 


There’s higher risk of polluting the environment when waste is transferred from container to dumpster by hand. Human weakness and human error cause spills with floating debris. It contains all waste in a sturdy cart while it’s hoisted carefully into a dumpster or depository. With its unique features, the Backsaver 300  combines a reliable lifting unit with a rigid steel frame. The lifting unit is fixed and we can help you with the installation, otherwise we can provide simple “do-it-yourself” instructions. It keeps garbage where it belongs when located next to a compactor or garbage dumpster for careful disposal.




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